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Here’s my absolute favourite exchange between John and Sherlock in the canon stories. Sherlock plans on breaking into Charles Augustus Milverton’s house:

WATSON: Well I don’t like it, but I suppose it must be. When do we start?

HOLMES: You are not coming.

WATSON: Then you are not going.

Watson then uses threats, guilt, and bad arse-ry to insist he’s coming along. Sherlock relents, reflecting that they’ve lived together for years, they might as well share a prison cell, too.

— The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton

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Special snowflake Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr.

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the best 12 seconds of the entire high school musical trilogy

my sister and i did this once. she tripped, i let her fall. she ripped the knee off her jeans. stay safe kids.

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So i have this giant pencil right


I think we all know where this is going.


the amount of people saying that they were expecting me to shove it up my ass is alarming

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Everyone needs to see this video

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cabin pressure, a summary:


came for the benedict, stayed for the literally everything

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how are these people not dead

Oh he can eat plastic bags and the other lady can eat drywall, but if I want to enjoy some fucking cookie dough I’ll get salmonella and die

What I don’t understand is how the addictions even start, ‘Mmm that drywall looks appealing…. might just have myself a little nibble”

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why are there some lipsticks like $30 please calm down you glorified red crayon

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Why don’t astronauts just visit the sun at night?

um obviously because it will be too dark to see anything, there’s no point, also because the sun is trying to sleep we wouldn’t want to disturb it

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